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CNPL’s CNPL Testing solutions comes across as a perfect coordination of our expertise experiences in the field of Project and Network Management, Business analysis and Database management. The success definition of these testing solutions lies in the fact that they are designed so as to face the critical aspects of the clients system like planning, process control, test automation and execution, defect tracking and reporting.

CNPL testing solutions are focused on these 4 key areas

Integrated Functional Testing- This functional testing is all about deciding the functional requirements and the utility of an application in a system.

These testing solutions when implemented by the business houses have efficiently tackled the issues regarding the purpose, modification, component analyzation, and flexibility of the applications used in their work processes.

Test Automation -
Performance Testing -Performance Testing services provided by CNPL have enabled the clients to determine and ascertain the flaws and utilization limits of their applications. Our solutions result from detailed study of workload models which are very helpful in deciding the working limits of any application and their performance under various load situations. The detailed analysis report provided by our experts help our clients to identify the non functional gaps present in their applications and the ways to amend those gaps and making them efficient to meet the future demands and requirements.

Skilled Professionals – CNPL’s success in delivering the cost efficient and customizable testing solutions to our client lie with the core team which consists of skilled professionals who have very expertly leveraged their technical, analytical and business skills to solve the core issues paralyzing the businesses. Our team consists of very vibrant, innovative and shrewd professionals who had committed themselves to solve all the customer queries with challenges.

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