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October 2016

Evantec – Alexandra Ryan

Cyberindigo has won a contract from a leading organisation in the US to extend its existing survey application platform built in .NET and MSSQL server. The platform is a customised application of Checkbox survey with lot of features built and extended as per client requirements. The project architecture and framework comprised multiple services built in C# and included as a compiled DLL in the project. The client required multiple issues to be fixed as well as build new features in the platform.

July 2016

Vidversity – Australia

Cyberindigo has been contacted by a well-known learning organisation in Australia to build a video-based learning content-creation and editing tool. It is a start-up company that wanted to leverage the gap which existed in managing video content while building learning lessons. The business model comprised creating a cloud-based SAAS (software-as-a-service) platform that can be offered to clients on a monthly recurring subscription plan with all features in the platform. The platform allows clients to upload video to a central repository server and crop the video into smaller meaningful chunks that can stream the video to devices even in slow-speed internet connection. Apart from cropping the video into smaller chunks, clients also need to able to pause the video to add explanatory notes or answer a question or watch slides with some interesting content related to the video and view external resource links that provide more information about the topic. Cyberindigo’s engineering team created a module to intercept videos at specific timeline selected by the user to overlay the contents of notes, questions, slides or resources. Subsequent to editing the video and creating smaller sub-sets, users can set-up a course with these videos and finally, publish the course as a SCORM archive which can be imported in any LMS. The platform also supports LTI (Learning Technology Interoperability) in order to deploy the course. Needless to say, we have a very happy client that got a perfectly crafted solution which met every bit of client requirements and expectations. We also built mobile apps to facilitate video recording and uploading from Android and iPhone devices.

The tech stack comprises Codeigniter MVC framework with AngularJS, Bootstrap, MySQL, FFMPEG, Stripe API, Titanium Appcelerator framework, Android Studio, Xcode with Amazon services and servers.

April 2016

Customer – Jonathan Irvine

Client Profile: A Non-profit-organisation that works towards providing high-quality healthcare services to the under-privileged segment of population in Africa

Challenge: Create a centralised content repository to store data from 17 clinics for generating reports
and analytics to slice/dice data in order to convert them into meaningful insights.

Requirement: Ability for NGO managers to upload data across 1007 data-points for 17 clinics spread across multiple districts

Solution: Cyberindigo created a portal that mapped data structure for all 1007 data-points. Since the data-map was exactly in the same format that is used by the supervisors to collect data, it was very easy for the supervisors to upload data to the central repository. The system generates about 25 unique reports that combine, calculates and outputs the data into intelligent metrics with insights that are invaluable to the sponsors of this organisation. The application currently manages millions of rows of data with reports being generated within seconds.

Technology: We harnessed the power of Amazon services in order to optimise the performance of the application. The tech stack comprises Codeigniter MVC framework, AngularJS, Bootstrap, MySQL and hosted on Amazon cloud servers.

Jan 2016

Membersoft – USA

Cyberindigo has been contracted by a US-based start-up company to build a SAAS(software-as-a-service) based cloud Membership & Billing Management subscription software. The platform allows organisations to sign-up and manages their customer plans, privileges, billing, payments and membership tracking for a nominal charge. Organisations can sign-up and instantly get a merchant account with Stripe without any hassles or paperwork. That makes it easy for organisations to start accepting online payments with recurring billing instantly. It also provides customers of an organisation to monitor their transactions, payments as well as cancel subscription within no time.

The platform has been built in Laravel MVC framework with AngularJS, Bootstrap, MySQL Database and Stripe API. It is hosted on Amazon cloud servers.

September 2015

Vizual intelligence System – Barbados

We are very excited to share with all of you that our company, Cyberindigo has been awarded a contract to build a SAAS-based cloud-service tableau-inspired survey analytics application with membership, billing and payment integration. The exciting feature about this application is
that all survey reports are generated in formats that support direct import of data into tableau analytics software for data drill-down and analysis. While there are a lot of survey portals, the reports generated post-survey for analysis are not in the format conducive for importing into business-intelligence software. These needs and requirements of a business have been taken care of in Vizual Survey application. It supports features like section-headings, survey UI customization, cross-tab reports, Reports with graphs and data-visualisation, Filters, Data-splitting, weights, calculations and many others.

The platform has been built in CodeIgniter MVC framework with AngularJS, Bootstrap and MySQL database, pay flow payment gateway and Amazon cloud services.

April 2015

Gamers Network – USA

A social networking and dating app targetted only at gamers community? That is exactly what Cyberindigo has built for one of its clients recently. The platform allows gamers to create their personal profile with gaming preferences and also define the profile, interests, preferences of partner that they are looking to date or befriend. And lo…the system finds all matches within the search radius that meets an individual’s match profile. Isn’t that amazing? Users can send friend requests, follow friends, like profiles, posts, chat, share updates and perform the host of other activities through the portal. The only caveat here is that – a user needs to have an interest in gaming of some kind – PC or PS4 or Wii or Xbox. There were many challenges in this project – the project owners were expecting over 10,000 concurrent users to be online at any given moment and engaging in different kinds of activities – interactive chat, videos, pictures, posts, notifications and updates from other users. Building a solution architecture that is scalable, extendable and supports such a large number of concurrent users was a big challenge. Cyberindigo’s engineering team successfully delivered the project that met client’s expectations up and beyond.

The application is hosted on amazon cloud servers. The tech stack for this project was codeigniter MVC framework, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap and MySQL database. Mobile Apps were built and published for Android and iTunes.

Jan 2015

Abbela Group – USA

Cyberindigo has won a contract from a US-based healthcare staffing company to build a SAAS-based (software-as-a-service) cloud-services real time staff scheduling, contracting, billing and payment system through a web-based application and mobile apps that will connect hospitals, staffing agencies and staff members. Hospitals and healthcare support organisations are involved in mission-critical services that need to find staff for servicing patient needs at little notice. The healthcare staffing platform addresses this precise need of organisations by allowing medical professionals like nurses, home-care assistants and physiotherapists to post their specialities, skills and availability schedule on the portal. Agencies can search for professionals and contract their services to facilitate hospital/healthcare requirement of these professionals. Nursing staff and professionals can check-in from their mobile device when they report for duty at the hospital that has contracted their service. The agency that has assigned that professional to the hospital, gets a real-time notification when the staff user checks-in. Agencies can define hourly rates with staff workers as well the rates contracted with hospitals for each staff member. The system generates a real-time weekly billing invoice for actual # of hours clocked by each staff member that the hospital can pay online. Staff members also get their weekly salary and earning slips which are paid for by the agency.
The platform has been built in CodeIgniter MVC framework with AngularJS, Bootstrap and MySQL database. Mobile apps for android and iPhone are available in Google-play-store and Itunes.

April 2014

Microsoft Certification

Cyberindigo’s winning team has once again proven its skills and dedication.
About 6 .NET developers have successfully completed Microsoft certification in 4.5 MVC.  We wish to congratulate all the achievers.  

Maventra LMS

Maventra Learning Management Application is ready for launch!!

Maventra Learning Management Suite that comprises Learning Management Server (LMS),
Learning Content Authoring Tool, Assessment engine, Gamification, employee performance tracking, online training marketplace, certification and various other features.
The LMS platform is 100% compliant to requirements of section 508 and is accessible by people with disabilities.  The platform supports real-time learning and classroom sessions with bigbluebutton.  Maventra has been designed in HTML5 so that user-experience across all devices – mobile phones, tabs and desktop browsers – is the same.


March 2014

Restaurant – Online Food Ordering and Table booking Application

Cyberindigo has developed a complete end-to-end restaurant food ordering and table-booking application with location-based GPS, real-time order confirmation & acceptance by restaurants and tracking delivery.  This application will soon be launched in association with our partners in Ireland.   

RealTimeAthletes – Sports Recruiting Platform

RealTimeAthletes (RTA) is a platform that connects Athletes and Team Coaches with Recruiters that recruit athletes for a team.  The platform also provides complete end-to-end software to manage League Events (Tournaments), Camps & Clinics.  An extended module is available for Skill Evaluation & Rating Agencies to manage events specifically for testing, rating and ranking the Athletes using a common framework that will enable benchmarking performances.  

Cyberindigo is proud to be associated with RealTimeAthletes platform since last 4 years.  As partners and co-owners of RealTimeAthletes, this platform is one of the most successful ventures of Cyberindigo.


February 2014

Los Angeles District Schools – A-G Requirements for Graduation

Cyberindigo has been working on a project with 2nd largest US school District since last 3 years to implement new graduation and minimum college admission A-G requirements. The project involves student performance, analysis and reporting based on A-G Designation of courses. Cyberindigo has been retained as Outsourcing partner for this project for yet another term. This is one of the most challenging project as it involves complex workflows, business logic and analysis of student transcripts. A-G requirements are the 15 courses required for admission to University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU). In order to be eligible to attend any UC or CSU as a freshman, students must take certain classes in high school, known as A-G subjects.

Tags: Amazon cloud, Codeigniter, PHP, MySQL, A-G Requirements, Grade Point Average (GPA), UC and CSU


Survey Project from a large multinational company

Cyberindigo has been awarded a survey project by a US-based large multinational company. The project involves generating dynamic surveys in HTML5 using a browser-based form builder that can be published in any website, Windows 8 offline touch-screen devices and Android mobile phones. This is an exciting project as the entire survey application will be created and published using web-based drag/drop form editor. The survey will support different question types like check-box, radio-buttons, matrix/grid table, Text-box, Multiline Text-box and various other options. The application will provide ability to customize the skins and look & feel of the survey questionnaire. The most interesting and challenging part of the application is to publish these surveys to Windows 8 devices so that users can take the survey and synchronize responses even when there is no internet connectivity. Cyberindigo will be using Tide SDK to build the Application. The Android version will be built using Titanimum Appcelerator.

Tags: Survey Project, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap 3.0, Windows 8, Android, Form Builder, Titanium Appcelerator, Tide SDK


January 2014


4DimensionalLove – Match-making matrimony site that finds a perfect partner based on personal preference and Questionnaire

Cyberindigo has been retained by 4DimensionalLove to create a match-making site that will automatically matches partner profiles based on preferences and answers provided by a user in a questionnaire. This is an exciting project that is being launched in Bahamas. Though the project is similar to,, the difference is in the match-making algorithm that is being implemented is unique and has been evolved based on extensive research on building perfect relationships.

Tags: Match-making, matrimony, Amazon Cloud, Amazon Elastictranscoder, Amazon S3 Bucket


Blink – SAAS-based Contact-Management & Marketing Application – Mobile Apps for Iphone, Android and Windows Mobile

South Bound LLC has retained Cyberindigo to build the mobile application for Blink SAAS Application. Cyberindigo has been working with Connie, owner of Blink Portal, since last 2 years to build the SAAS based application that offers complete contact management, task management, reminders, emails and host of other features with automated Invoicing & Billing Modules. The project is a huge success and has started generating lot of interests from potential customers. Cyberindigo will be building mobile Apps for Iphone, Android and Windows Phone for Blink customers. The REST-based Web Services API in 4.0 will provide the interface for the mobile apps to synchronize data in real-time from a mobile device. The application has automated invoicing & payment module which has been integrated with payment gateway.

Tags: 4.0, MSSQL 2008,, Iphone app, Android App, Windows Mobile, XML REST Web-Services



HypePlug – Platform to Collaborate & share Ideas


HypePlug is a platform that allows users to collaborate, share ideas, post comments, ask questions and discuss. Users can vote for ideas and share the ideas on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Cyberindigo was contracted to build this platform a while back. The project owner retained Cyberindigo to build additional features & modules that will extend the application usability of the platform.

Tags: PHP, MySQL, Codeigniter

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